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And others are veterans of the whole process and can take a more detached view and offer advice based on their experiences from start to finish.

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You may seek out advice from friends. A therapist is also a great place for advice and to download your problems. And an even better feeling is when you can counsel and listen to someone who may not be as far along in the process as you. Helping them is a form of helping you. You know about the stages of grief that you go through during a loss, such as when someone dies.

You experience many of those same feelings with the death of your marriage. That ambushed feeling is among the worst of all the feelings you will have to cope with.

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Even though things may not have been perfect in your marriage, you may couple your feelings of anger with feelings of shame, betrayal or defiance. Nobody knows for sure how long that will be. You may be telling yourself a lie. You may not. Gradually, expect all that negative energy to be replaced by a form of acceptance.

It may be a hard pill to swallow, but you will get there at some point. Acceptance happens when you have bottomed out and you are starting to rebuild your new life. Your relationships have been redefined. You have a new normal. Your life falls into more of a routine. Awkward at first, but time helps the process. You just need to string together as many days as possible where nothing dramatic happens. When you have achieved a certain level of acceptance, you can truly start moving forward with positive actions in your life.

The good news is that men are more about action than they are about talking things out and dealing with their feelings. To men, taking action is a form of dealing with feelings.

How to Cope with Divorce

Short-term, you can focus on the small day-to-day stuff like improving your diet, getting plenty of exercise and connecting with friends. Pursue a new hobby, join a group, volunteer. Decide if you are really happy in your current job or career. If not, now may be the time for a reinvention. Anger, acceptance and action do not happen in separate vacuums. They will overlap and you may not even be aware simply because you are more engaged and happier than you were a week, a month or a year ago.

You may be tempted to jump right back into another relationship to help fill the void left by your divorce.

This is the perfect time to try a new healing method and fill your home with positive energy.

You need to establish a new normal for yourself before you can do so with another person. That takes time. You are probably also going to still be setting up boundaries between you and your ex-wife. That will not happen without a few rough spots. You may be able to devote the energy required to end one relationship and carry on a new one. You need to take stock of your emotional, physical and social health. When you get caught in an endless cycle and hopelessness, when bargaining for a different outcome has failed, you could be headed for a fall.

When you combine depression with alcohol or drugs to cope, you are flat out messing with the devil. And worst-case scenario, it could kill you. No fooling. Getting therapy is another option. Believe it or not, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a thing for men in divorce. Even when a divorce is not especially contentious, there may be a lot of underlying stress associated with it and that may manifest themselves much later down the road, both physically and psychologically. In fact, a contested divorce is ranked on the Holmes-Rahe scale as the second worst life stress, only second to death of the spouse.

Plus 5 Tips for Dealing with Stress. The symptoms may be similar to depression or may reveal themselves a bit differently. Bret is a journalist with a passion for writing about all things divorce. His areas of expertise include real estate, insurance, and government programs, just to name a few. In the process of ending a long-term marriage, Bret brings a first-person perspective to the trials and tribulations of divorce, co-parenting, and relaunching.

Please leave this field empty. Trying to tell a guy how to cope with divorce is a daunting task. Because, no surprise, men can be reticent and complicated at times, too. You decide.

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If not, then move on. No matter where you are in the process, know this. It gets better. With time, it gets better. Until you reach that place, here are some other things that may help you. Soooooo……not coping sometimes is normal. It sucks, but it is normal. Attend soccer games. Meet for lunch. Take them to a movie. But above all else, be cool. Tough love works both ways. After divorce, they can use these cords to toss you to and fro, sending immense pain through your system.

How to Support a Friend Going Through a Divorce

This happens because of the connection. It also feels very confusing. The person you once loved more than anyone or anything, is now the person causing you the most pain. And you may want to cause them pain too. The body responds to trauma in different ways depending on the circumstances.

Here are a few examples of how the body may respond. Gastric Issues.

If the divorce came as a surprise, you may experience a wide array of gastric distress. Nervous System. Because of all the anxiety surrounding the situation, your nervous system will get on high alert. Sleep and Rest. Sleep will also become difficult.

12222 Will Be the Year of Big Divorce Energy

Depending on your emotional state, you may have insomnia or be sleeping way too much. Moments of sleep may get disrupted by strange and disturbing dreams. Immune System. Due to the high levels of stress, your immune system may becomes compromised. Colds and viruses will likely affect you more than usual.

Also, your mind may feel foggy or confused, and your body will experience high levels of fatigue. These are just a few of the ways your physical body may respond to this trauma. As with any aspect of life, the physical body is often just a mirror for your emotional wellbeing. In the case of divorce, your energy body is affected just as your physical one.

Another common energy wound happens in the root chakra. Because of all the energetic pain, energy healing serves as a remarkable support during and after your divorce. It can help clear out the negative energy infiltrating your heart and mind. You can also find understanding about what is going on in your body and spirit. When divorce is coupled with complications - abuse, infidelity, addictions - the pain feels even more intense.

In these cases, especially, ongoing energy healing is a tremendous help. Are you, or someone you know, going through a divorce? Reach out today for your complementary energy healing session! Healing has a wide range of topics.