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Livestock epigenetics: laying the foundation for future benefits

Home Contact us Help Free delivery worldwide. Free delivery worldwide. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Categories: Biology, Life Sciences. Description Livestock Epigenetics reviews advances in the understanding of the molecular basis of epigenetic mechanisms in gene expression in livestock species. Epigenetics impact many economically important traits from growth and development to more efficient reproduction and breeding strategies. The book opens with a broad introductory chapter that discusses the importance of an understanding of epigenetics to efficient and sustainable livestock production.

In subsequent chapters the role of epigenetics in specific aspects of animal production are reviewed. The final chapter provides researchers with a valuable basis for the use of comparative epigenetics research to allow research to apply advances across organisms. Livestock Epigenetics provides detailed information on this rapidly expanding field of research with contributions from a global team of experts. Table of contents Contributors vii Preface xi 1. Cindy Tian and Sadie L. Marjani 3.

The genomic regions used for fine-mapping analyses were defined by extending the QTL regions i. BFMAP attempted to determine independent association signals in a genomic region by assessing a posterior probability of causality PPC for each variant within this particular region. We used org. A total of miRNA-target networks were built as previously described This enrichment analysis is based on all variants in a GWAS study rather than the top variants passing genome-wide significance level.

Previous studies have demonstrated that this approach has at least equal power to many commonly used GWAS signal enrichment methods in human 78 , Drosophila melanogaster 79 and livestock species 80 , 81 , 82 , particularly in highly polygenic phenotypes. The sum-based statistics can be expressed as. Here, SNPs located in different genes within a genomic feature e. This approach is similar to the popular LD score regression in human studies 83 , and it controls LD patterns among variants and variant-set sizes through employing the following genotype cyclical permutation strategy 78 , In brief, we first ordered the test statistics i.

We then randomly chose one test statistic i. We calculated a new summary statistic for the tested genomic feature using its original genomic positions. We repeated this permutation procedure 10, times for each genomic feature being tested, and obtained an empirical P -value by using a one-tailed test of the proportion of random summary statistics greater than that observed.

No animal experiments were conducted in this study, and ethics committee approval was thus not required. All sperm methylation data were generated in previous studies, and references were provided where animal data were used. The sperm whole-genome bisulfite sequencing WGBS data were generated in previous studies All the semen samples used in this study were collected from bulls by an artificial insemination company using a standardized procedure with artificial vaginas.

Briefly, one semen straw 0. After thawing a semen straw, PBS buffer was used to wash away the extender for three times by mild centrifugations. In total, all of these sperm samples were from 18 fertile, age-matched and representative animals, because several animals had extreme values for multiple traits. The reliabilities of PTA for all of the 18 animals were greater than 0. FastQC v0. All the cleaned data were mapped to the cattle reference genome UMD 3.

INRA - Livestock epigenetics: laying the foundation for future benefits

The total number of mapped reads per sample ranged from ,, to ,, with an average of ,, Bismark software 85 was applied to extract methylcytosine information. Only the loci that were covered by at least 10 clean reads were kept for further analyses. More details have been described previously Because methylation alterations that are associated with complex traits often exhibit spatial correlation patterns 86 , DMR differentially methylated region instead of DMC differentially methylated cytosine were determined by using methylKit A logistic regression model implemented in the calculateDiffMeth function was employed to detect DMR: information from each sample is specified the number of methylated Cs and number of unmethylated Cs at a given region , and a logistic regression test is applied to compare fraction of methylated Cs across the two groups under comparison.

P -values were calculated through comparing the model fitness of alternative models to the null model, and were corrected to q -values for multiple testing using the SLIM method The following count-based approach was used to test whether a Reactome pathway was enriched for DMR,. Under the null hypothesis i. The null hypothesis i. Functional enrichment analyses for gene lists in DMRs were conducted using the R package clusterProfiler 90 , where a hypergeometric test was employed using the current KEGG database.

All genomic annotation files of cattle UMD 3. All other data have been shown in the manuscript and supplementary data. Arnott, G. Board invited review: the importance of the gestation period for welfare of calves: maternal stressors and difficult births. Lemons, J. Very low birth weight outcomes of the National Institute of Child health and human development neonatal research network, January through December Pediatrics , e1—e1 Yoshida, S. Setting research priorities to improve global newborn health and prevent stillbirths by Health 6 , Huusko, J.

PLoS Genet. Vieira-Neto, A. Association among gestation length and health, production, and reproduction in Holstein cows and implications for their offspring. Dairy Sci. Nogalski, Z. Association of length of pregnancy with other reproductive traits in dairy cattle. Aghaeepour, N. An immune clock of human pregnancy. Goedicke-Fritz, S. Preterm Birth affects the risk of developing immune-mediated diseases.

Jukic, A. Length of human pregnancy and contributors to its natural variation. Norman, H. Genetic and environmental factors that affect gestation length in dairy cattle. Morel, M. Factors affecting gestation length in the Thoroughbred mare. Clausson, B. Genetic influence on birthweight and gestational length determined by studies in offspring of twins.

BJOG , — York, T. Schierding, W. GWAS on prolonged gestation post-term birth : analysis of successive Finnish birth cohorts. Zhang, G.

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Genetic associations with gestational duration and spontaneous preterm birth. Carrell, D. The human sperm epigenome and its potential role in embryonic development. Jenkins, T.

The sperm epigenome and potential implications for the developing embryo. Reproduction , — Teperek, M. Sperm is epigenetically programmed to regulate gene transcription in embryos. Genome Res. Cole, J. Distribution and location of genetic effects for dairy traits. Harhay, G. An atlas of bovine gene expression reveals novel distinctive tissue characteristics and evidence for improving genome annotation. Genome Biol. Maltecca, C. Xiao, X. EMBO J.

Ma, X.

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  8. A point mutation in Myh10 causes major defects in heart development and body wall closure. Circulation , Ridge, L. Non-muscle myosin IIB Myh10 is required for epicardial function and coronary vessel formation during mammalian development. Sasaki, S. Complete loss of Ndel1 results in neuronal migration defects and early embryonic lethality.

    Zhao, Y. Neuregulin signaling in the heart: dynamic targeting of erbB4 to caveolar microdomains in cardiac myocytes. Boyle, E. An expanded view of complex traits: from polygenic to omnigenic. Cell , — Furness, D. DNA damage and health in pregnancy. Wang, Y. Autocrine and paracrine actions of IGF-I signaling in skeletal development.

    Bone Res. Gray, C. Maternal plasma miRNAs as biomarkers during mid-pregnancy to predict later spontaneous preterm birth: a pilot study. Hosseini, M. MicroRNA expression profiling in placenta and maternal plasma in early pregnancy loss. Ioannidis, J. Changes in circulating microRNA levels can be identified as early as day 8 of pregnancy in cattle.

    PLoS One 12 , e Schanzenbach, C. Can milk cell or skim milk miRNAs be used as biomarkers for early pregnancy detection in cattle? Circulating miRNA signatures of early pregnancy in cattle. BMC Genom. Laresgoiti-Servitje, E. Pregnancy-related miRNAs participate in the regulation of the immune system during the gestational period. Cell Immunol. Cai, M. Small molecule, big prospects: microrna in pregnancy and its complications. Pregnancy , Hu, Z.

    Animal QTLdb: beyond a repository. Genome 18 , 1—4 Reitz, R. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and parathyroid hormone interrelationships in pregnancy and newborn infants.

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    Keen, C. Effect of copper deficiency on prenatal development and pregnancy outcome. Heringstad, B. Genetic associations between clinical mastitis and somatic cell score in early first-lactation cows. Hande, M. DNA repair factors and telomere-chromosome integrity in mammalian cells. DNA damage and repair in human oocytes and embryos: a review.

    Zygote 18 , — Graf, A. Fine mapping of genome activation in bovine embryos by RNA sequencing. Natl Acad. USA , — Johannes, F. Assessing the impact of transgenerational epigenetic variation on complex traits. Armon, P. Amoebiasis in pregnancy and the puerperium. BJOG 85 , — Pitkin, R. Endocrine regulation of calcium homeostasis during pregnancy. Tiezzi, F. Including gene networks to predict calving difficulty in Holstein, Brown Swiss and Jersey cattle.

    BMC Genet. Impact of calving ease on functional longevity and herd amortization costs in Basque Holsteins using survival analysis.

    Livestock Epigenetics

    Ashworth, M. Development of insulin secretion in the human fetus. Shiokawa, S. Functional role of focal adhesion kinase in the process of implantation. Kawamura, K. Hippo signaling disruption and Akt stimulation of ovarian follicles for infertility treatment. Thomasen, J. Quantitative trait loci affecting calving traits in Danish Holstein cattle. Genome-wide mapping of 10 calving and fertility traits in Holstein dairy cattle with special regard to chromosome Mao, X.

    Brand, B. Quantitative trait loci mapping of calving and conformation traits on Bos taurus autosome 18 in the German Holstein population. Pausch H. Genome-wide association study identifies two major loci affecting calving ease and growth related traits in cattle. Purfield, D. Genome-wide association study for calving traits in Holstein—Friesian dairy cattle. Animal 8 , — Genome-wide association study for calving performance using high-density genotypes in dairy and beef cattle.

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    Zhang, Q. Genome-wide association study for longevity with whole-genome sequencing in 3 cattle breeds. A genome-wide association study of calf birth weight in Holstein cattle using single nucleotide polymorphisms and phenotypes predicted from auxiliary traits. Wu, X. Association analysis for young stock survival index with imputed whole-genome sequence variants in Nordic Holstein cattle.

    Magee, D. DNA sequence polymorphisms in a panel of eight candidate bovine imprinted genes and their association with performance traits in Irish Holstein-Friesian cattle.

    1. The Fantasy Factory: An Insiders View of the Phone Sex Industry (Feminist Cultural Studies, the Media, and Political Culture).
    3. References.
    4. Jiang J. Fast Bayesian fine-mapping of 35 production, reproduction and body conformation traits with imputed sequences of 27K Holstein bulls. Clark, E. A high resolution atlas of gene expression in the domestic sheep Ovis aries. Samans, B. Uniformity of nucleosome preservation pattern in Mammalian sperm and its connection to repetitive DNA elements. Zhou, Y. Comparative whole genome DNA methylation profiling of cattle sperm and somatic tissues reveals striking hypomethylated patterns in sperm.

      Gigascience 7 , giy Hammoud, S. Distinctive chromatin in human sperm packages genes for embryo development.